Friends of Jr. Space Camp


  • To live the "It is Possible!" spirit by setting up an elite organization composed of current and former Jr. Astronauts
  • To contribute to society by organizing various community services, thus fulfilling the responsibilities of an exemplary corporate citizen and bringing positive energy to the community
  • To provide members with valuable experience in organizing and planning activities and the opportunities to establish a wider social network
  • To strengthen the parent-child bond

Committee Members

Committee - Parents

Vivian Lam (1st right)

Financial Secretary

Joan Zheng (2nd right)

Promotion Officer

Melinda Choi (1st left)

Activity Coordinator

Paul Lai (3rd right)

Committee - Jr. Astronauts

Adrian Ngai (2nd left)

Financial Secretary

Billy Gao (front 1st right)

Promotion Officer

Lewis Gilbert (front 2nd left)
Karson Chan (front 2nd right)

Activity Coordinator

Matthew Lee (front 1st left)
Audrey Lai (front 3rd right)