First launched in 1999, YF Life Jr. Space Camp Program is a unique community program, we have injected new elements every year to encourage more outstanding children to participate in the program and to realize their space dreams. Now, let's have a look at the program story over the past years:



Galaxy – It is Possible!

Aboard their nine-day space-exploration journey in the US, eight Jr. Astronauts went through a simulated astronaut-training program. And thanks to their excellent teamwork and deep fund of space knowledge, they also won out against other teams from different countries and regions in the "Space Bowl" space-knowledge competition.

Jr. Astronauts

Ryan Ning

The French International School of Hong Kong

Samuel Wong

Baptist (STW) Lui Ming Choi Primary School

Ariel Ko

Marymount Primary School

Matthew Lee

Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division

Jaden Yeung

Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division

Hailey Tong

Marymount Primary School

Charlotte Ngai

Diocesan Girls' Junior School

Justto Li

ESF Sha Tin Junior School